Microsoft Releases Azure Active Directory SDK’s For iOS, Android And OSX

Windows Azure Active Directory

Microsoft yesterday announced that Azure Active Directory SDKs for iOS and Android have reached General Availability and available for download. In addition to that, Microsoft has added support for OS X for Mountain Lion and above. All these SDKs are also open source, so you can participate in the development process as we build these libraries.

A few months ago we released previews of these SDKs. They allowed you to easily add Work Accounts support to your existing Android and iOS apps. A Work Account is an identity you use to get work done no matter if at your business or on a college campus. Anywhere you need to get access to your work life you’ll use a Work Account. The Work Account can be tied to an Active Directory server running in your datacenter or live completely in the cloud like when you use Office365. A Work Account will be how your users know that they are accessing their important documents and data backed by Microsoft security.

Source: Microsoft