Microsoft releases an updated Microsoft Global Human Rights Statement



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In honor of Human Rights Day, Microsoft yesterday announced a new partnership with UC Berkeley to further embed human rights in business education. They also released an updated Microsoft global human rights statement outlining their approach to human rights as they work to ensure that technology plays a positive role across the globe.

Key updates to this statement include:

  • Making explicit Microsoft’s recognition that technology is increasingly an essential gateway to the enjoyment of human rights everywhere;
  • Expanding our human rights commitments to encompass the special consideration we give to vulnerable groups such as children, women and persons with disabilities; and
  • Emphasizing the importance we ascribe to championing the rule of law informed by consideration of international norms.

With their partnership with the Center for Responsible Business at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, they are planning to integrate key human rights issues such as privacy, inclusion, freedom of expression, education and employment directly into business education. Humanity United, a leading non-profit focused on human rights issues such as forced labor and human trafficking, will also be lending their expertise to the program.

Read Microsoft’s updated Microsoft Global Human Rights Statement here.

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