Microsoft release PowerShell 7.3.0 Preview 1

by Surur
December 17, 2021

Microsoft has just released PowerShell 7.3.0 Preview 1 on GitHub. The update comes with an extensive changelog which can be seen below:

[lwptoc title=”PowerShell 7.3.0 Preview 1 changelog” width=”40%” float=”right”]

Breaking Changes

  • Add clean block to script block as a peer to beginprocess, and end to allow easy resource cleanup
  • Change default for $PSStyle.OutputRendering to Ansi

Engine Updates and Fixes

  • Remove duplicate remote server mediator code
  • Fix PSVersion parameter version checks and error messages for PowerShell 7 remoting
  • Use the same temporary home directory when HOME env variable is not set
  • Fix parser to generate error when array has more than 32 dimensions


  • Avoid validation for built-in file extension and color VT sequences

General Cmdlet Updates and Fixes

  • Update and metadata.json for next preview release
  • Use PlainText when writing to a host that doesn’t support VT
  • Remove support for AppExeCLinks to retrieve target
  • Move GetOuputString() and GetFormatStyleString() to PSHostUserInterface as public API
  • Fix ConvertTo-SecureString with key regression due to .NET breaking change
  • Fix regression in Move-Item to only fallback to copy and delete in specific cases
  • Set $? correctly for command expression with redirections
  • Use CurrentCulture when handling conversions to DateTime in Add-History
  • Fix link header parsing to handle unquoted rel types
  • Fix a casting error when using $PSNativeCommandUsesErrorActionPreference
  • Format-Wide: Fix NullReferenceException
  • Make the native command error handling optionally honor ErrorActionPreference
  • Remove declaration of experimental features in Utility module manifest as they are stable
  • Fix race condition between DisconnectAsync and Dispose
  • Fix the Max_PATH condition check to handle long path correctly
  • Update HelpInfoUri for 7.2 release
  • Fix tab completion within the script block specified for the ValidateScriptAttribute.
  • Update to specify gathered telemetry
  • Fix typo for “privacy” in MSI installer
  • Remove unneeded call to File.ResolveLinkTarget from IsWindowsApplication
  • Add -HttpVersion parameter to web cmdlets
  • Add support to web cmdlets for open-ended input tags
  • Add more tests to Tee-Object -Encoding
  • Don’t throw exception when trying to resolve a possible link path
  • Fix ConvertTo-Json -Depth to allow 100 at maximum
  • Fix for SSH remoting when banner is enabled on SSHD endpoint
  • Disallow all COM for AppLocker system lock down
  • Configure ApplicationInsights to not send cloud role name
  • Disallow Add-Type in NoLanguage mode on a locked down machine
  • Specify the executable path as TargetObect for non-zero exit code ErrorRecord
  • Don’t allow Move-Item with FileSystemProvider to move a directory into itself
  • Make property names for the color VT sequences consistent with documentations
  • Fix PipelineVariable to set variable in the right scope
  • Invoke-Command: improve handling of variables with $using: expression
  • Change Target from a CodeProperty to be an AliasProperty that points to FileSystemInfo.LinkTarget


  • Fix typo in build.psm1
  • Add .stylecop to filetypexml and format it
  • Enable sending Teams notification when workflow fails
  • Use Convert-Path for unknown drive in Build.psm1


  • Add benchmark to test compiler performance
  • Enable two previously disabled Get-Process tests
  • Set clean state before testing UseMU in the MSI
  • Fix global tool and SDK tests in release pipeline
  • Remove the outdated test
  • Removed old not-used-anymore docker-based tests for PS release packages

Documentation and Help Content

  • Update Windows PowerShell issues link
  • Remove Joey from Committee and WG membership
  • Update more docs for net6.0 TFM
  • Change snippet tag to code tag in XML comments
  • Update build documentation to reflect .NET 6
  • Update about the change logs
  • Update change log for 7.2.0
  • Update metadata.json and for 7.2.0 release
  • Update and metadata.json files for v7.2.0-rc.1 release
  • Update the change logs for v7.0.8 and v7.1.5 releases

Known issues

Note: Known issue about 7.3.0-preview.1 Alpine Linux packages are missing powershell.config.json causing experimental features disabled by default. For details see more here


The release can be found on GitHub here.

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