Microsoft redesigns Windows Insider program’s official website to offer improved user guidance

July 28, 2017

Microsoft is today launching a redesigned website for the Windows Insider program today. The newly designed website for the Windows Insider program doesn’t look a whole lot different from the previous design, but it includes a lot more information for users — especially for those who are just getting started.

First of all, the redesigned website’s homepage gives users a basic idea of all the benefits of joining the Insider program, the different registration options, and more. The new Windows Insider program website also now includes thorough information about all the different rings that are available in the Windows Insider program, and the website now provides detailed how-to guides that’ll help new users get started with the Windows Insider program on their Windows 10 device. Additionally, the website now offers a lot more information for businesses joining the Windows Insider program, as well as information for developers who want to add all the latest platform features in Windows 10 to their apps.

More notably, there’s now a new “Highlights” section on the website which is basically a list of all the big new features that Insiders can try out before everyone else when they are joining the Windows Insider program.

You can check out the new site here.

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