Microsoft push out new Surface firmware to fix Meltdown and Spectre bugs

by Surur
January 5, 2018

We wrote earlier than Intel has developed firmware fixes for the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities for most of their chipsets, and was relying on OEMs to push them out over the next few days.

Microsoft has been one of the first to jump on board, announcing new UEFI updates most of their recent Surface devices including:

  • Surface Pro 3
  • Surface Pro 4
  • Surface Book
  • Surface Studio
  • Surface Pro Model 1796
  • Surface Laptop
  • Surface Pro with LTE Advanced
  • Surface Book 2

The updates will be available for the above devices running Windows 10 Creators Update (OS version 15063) and Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (OS version 16299) and will be delivered via Windows Update or by visiting the Microsoft Download Center.

Microsoft notes they do not believe the Surface Hub needs an update as present as it implements “defence in depth” but that they will continue to monitor the situation.


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