Microsoft partners with major third-party online retailers to sell its products in Brazil


Microsoft has a relatively strong relationship with Brazilian’s market, as it is one of the main consumers of their products. As we’ve seen recently, the country was told to be the second in the world in number of sold Lumia devices. It sees also a big presence of Xbox products, and Windows is nearly omnipresent on the PCs side.

Yesterday, the Redmond company announced a partner with Cnova – owner of Ponto Frio, Casas Bahia and online stores – to showcase nearly all the Microsoft products in a special section in their websites. It is possible to buy Lumia, PC’s and tablets with Windows, Microsoft peripherals for PCs, accessories, Xbox and Xbox games. For your information, these three stores together compound one of the biggest online groups selling first-hand products of the country.

Browsing the offerings, it is possible to buy some exclusive special kits with a good discount. For example, it is possible to buy a Lumia 535 + a Nokia DC-19 portable charger + a Nokia MD12 bluetooth speaker + a case for the Lumia, for just R$ 599,00 (!). The normal price of the Lumia 535 alone is R$ 429,00. There are also some curious offerings, like Xbox One 500 GB + Halo Master Chief Collection + Microsoft Xbox bag + a cushion in Xbox control’s format, for R$ 1999,00.

It is very interesting to see such and innovative move, and we hope it helps boost even more the increasing sales of the Microsoft products in the country.