Microsoft overhauls Movies and TV for Insiders on the Fast Ring

March 8, 2017

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Microsoft is currently rolling out an update to the Movies and TV (Films and TV) update to some Windows Insiders.

The update overhauls the user interface of the app, ditching the hamburger menu and Android-esque user interface for a tabbed design similar to the Photos and People apps.

The app update also adds an explore section which lets you browse Movies and TVs as well as watch trailers of new and upcoming movies. There’s also a new combined library view, which merges purchased movies and tv shows instead of separating them into different tabs like the current version.

There isn’t a full changelog yet, and the update hasn’t rolled out to our PCs yet so this isn’t an exhaustive list of changes, just what we’ve noticed. We’ll update this article with the changelog when it arrives.

Update: Here’s the changelog.

  • Explore a broad range of movie and TV Shows, including titles picked just for you.
  • Binge watch previews of our new movies and pre-order them using the new Trailer gallery.
  • All the movies and TV shows you’ve bought or rented are now together on one page.
  • Get into the action with 360-degree videos – tilt or drag in any direction to look around
  • Play a broader range of video formats. For MPEG-2 video,s you’ll be promoted to download an extension containing the codecs you need.

Have you received the update? Let us know in the comments below.

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