Microsoft Outlook iOS and Android apps will soon support voice commands, Reactions and more

Outlook for iOS

At Ignite, Microsoft announced several new features coming to Outlook iOS and Android apps. The ability to compose email using voice commands, the ability to react to emails and the ability to easily setup work account using QR codes are some of the new features that were announced. Find the details below.

  1. Play My Emails in Outlook for iOS and Android to soon be available in Canada, Australia, India and the United Kingdom. And in September, you can ask Cortana to read out emails from specific people, time frame and topics in iOS.
  2. Voice commands for email composition, calling and scheduling available in October.
  3. Sync contact folders with your phone by category available in October.
  4. Reactions to emails with emojis without filling your inbox available later this year.
  5. QR connect to simplify how you get the app and authenticate your work account available late October.

Source: Microsoft