Microsoft announces new OneDrive widget and home screen for iOS users

September 22, 2020
Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft today announced two new features for OneDrive users on iOS. First, OneDrive for iOS is getting a new home screen that will help you quickly pick up where you left off and easily re-discover memories from the past. Second, OneDrive supports the new Widget feature on iOS 14. Find more details on these features below.

New home screen:

  • For OneDrive personal users the new home experience will feature three main sections: recently accessed files, files downloaded for offline use, and “On This Day” photos, which help you relive memories from years past.
  • For OneDrive work and school users the new home experience will highlight recent files, shared libraries, and offline files.
  • It’s available for all OneDrive accounts including free and paid accounts as well as work, school and home accounts.

OneDrive widget:

  • New OneDrive widget displays your photo memories on this day across previous years.
  • And, if you don’t have any On This Day photos for today, you’ll see your most recent photos that you’ve saved to the cloud.
  • This feature is only available for personal OneDrive accounts and requires iOS 14 plus the latest version of the OneDrive app (build 11.51 or greater) on your phone.

Download the latest OneDrive app to enjoy these features.

Source: Microsoft

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