Microsoft publishes the GitHub product roadmap for the first time

July 28, 2020
Microsoft GitHub

Microsoft GitHub product roadmap

Microsoft today published the GitHub product roadmap for the first time. This will allow developers to see what GitHub team is building right now. Since developers will know the features and functionality they can expect from GitHub over the coming quarters, they can provide the feedback to development team accordingly.

The GitHub public roadmap is a new public repository on GitHub that anyone can access. There, you’ll find a project board that lays out upcoming releases. Each item on the board links to a detailed issue with more information about what we’re planning, why it’s important, when we expect to deliver it, and a bit about how we expect it to work.

Every item on the roadmap is an issue, with a label that indicates the following:

  • release phase that describes the next expected phase of the roadmap item.
  • feature area that indicates the area of the product to which the item belongs.
  • feature that indicates the feature or product to which the item belongs.
  • One or more product SKU labels that indicate which product SKUs we expect the feature to be available in.
  • One or more deployment models (cloud and/or server). Where not stated, features will generally come out cloud first, and follow on server at or soon after GA.

You can check out the new GitHub product roadmap here.

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