Latest Office Insider Build for macOS brings a useful new feature and bug fixes

by Rahul
April 14, 2020

Microsoft has released a new Office Build for Office Insiders on macOS. With the latest Office Build (20041301) installed, you’ll be able to type “=” and then click cells to create a formula to add the cell values. Apart from that, the update also comes with a number of bug fixes. You can read the official changelog below.



New features

  • Click-to-add mode – You can type = and then click cells to create a formula to add the cell values.  Just go to the Excel menu > Preferences > and Enable Click to Add Mode.  If you like this feature, please send feedback in Excel by clicking the feedback button near the top-right of the window to let us know.
    Screen shot showing the Click To Add Mode preference and a few cells with a simple formula adding some of the cells.
  • Be sure to check out the new feature from March 18 – Insert Data From Picture.


  • Sometimes a message bar asking if you wanted to recover files would appear even after you’ve chosen to recover the files.
  • The print dialog would display the first page of a workbook in Portrait orientation incorrectly.
  • If you clicked a filter, then scrolled the sheet, the filter button could no longer be clicked.
  • Fixed a few crashes.

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