Microsoft announces two new features for OneDrive personal users

May 29, 2020

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Microsoft often announces new features and improvements for OneDrive for Business account users. After a long time, Microsoft today announced new features for OneDrive personal account users. These new features will improve the sharing and collaboration experience on OneDrive web experience.

OneDrive file detail pane:

Microsoft is introducing a new file detail pane that will have the following information for each file.

  • A preview of the file/photo
  • A list of people who have access to the file/photo
  • All activities that have happened on the file such as creating/uploading, renaming, deleting, restoring, sharing, editing, and moving the file (ordered by most recent with a time stamp)
  • Comments made on pdfs, files, folders, photos and videos (ordered by most recent with a time stamp)
  • Other general information about the file/photo such as last modification date, size, path and file type

This new file detail pane also allows you to take actions such as adding a caption to a photo, share the file with others, add/delete comments and add/remove tags in photos. You can access this new file detail pane by right-clicking a file and selecting “details” option. Or you can also click the info-button on the right top of the screen after selecting a file.

Improved OneDrive activity feed:

The new OneDrive activity feed offers a quick view of recent activity and comments from the past 30 days on all OneDrive files.

  • In this feed you’ll see a log of recent activity such as file renaming, deleting, moving, restoring, and sharing, along with comments and edits.
  • All the recent activity is grouped into time sections like yesterday, last week, and more.
  • Within the activity feed you can also take select actions. For example, you can navigate to the file or folder by clicking the name of the file/folder.

Source: Microsoft

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