Microsoft may soon let you change the default browser of your Windows 10 Mobile phone

October 14, 2016

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One of the most user requested features in Windows 10 Mobile is the ability to change default apps, and with Microsoft’s last insider update, it seems the firm may have taken a step towards that.


Microsoft’s Edge app now¬†features a setting which – in theory – should allow you to select your default web app. Of course, the option doesn’t do much now.

There’s a ¬†possibility that due to the code sharing between Edge and Edge Mobile, that could simply be a UI glitch as the same option exists in the desktop app. On the other hand, there is precedence for Microsoft allowing users to change at least some of their default apps. In Windows Phone 8 Update 2, Microsoft introduced a closed off api that allowed OEMs to swap out default apps like the camera and messaging apps. While traditionally only Nokia’s Lumia line took advantage of this at first with their Lumia Camera and Messaging¬†+ RCS apps, LG and Samsung joined in as well, with the LG Camera and Ativ Camera apps respectively. Aside from that, there is also a hidden defaults app system in Windows phone that has existed since Windows Phone 8. Through this system, users can select which apps to use for certain tasks like reading PDFs and picking files.

With Windows phone now being more of a business accessory, it makes sense for Microsoft to implement more and more power user features for the limited user base.

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