Microsoft launching a Facebook-like button competitor


29, 2010

Author Surur // in News

The Facebook like button is rapidly becoming ubiquitous over the internet, but despite owning 5% of Facebook Microsoft has its own social network to look after.

Microsoft yesterday announced the availability of Messenger Connect beta (Messenger Connect button) , which allows users to communicate, share, and connect with their Messenger friends on other websites.

Windows Live users Messenger, Hotmail, and SkyDrive users can opt in to provide access to their identity (sign-in, profile, relationships, and additional user data), share updates about the things they’ve done via Messenger social, and chat with their friends, all from within the experience of another website or app.What you can use Messenger Connect for

Messenger Connect enables three core scenarios for websites and app developers:

  • Identity – makes it easy for users to sign in and sign up to your web site using their Windows Live ID
  • Social distribution – lets users share the things they do on your website with their friends. Activities appear in Messenger, Hotmail, and across Windows Live properties, and other places Messenger social is displayed (including Windows Phone 7 and the very popular Windows Live Messenger iPhone app)
  • Realtime shared experiences – lets users share an experience in real time with their friends

Microsoft has partnered with a large number of online services to make their experience available, including Photobucket, Plaxo, and Automattic, the creators of Wordpress.

Messenger Connect is now open in beta form to any developer or website for the core scenarios outlined above.

Read more about the technology, which should allow you to track what websites your friends are on while on your windows phone, at the Windows Team blog here.


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