Microsoft launches the AI for Health program to improve the health of people around the world

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Microsoft today announced the launch of the new AI for Health program that is focused on improving the health of people and communities around the world. As part of this AI for Health five-year philanthropic program, Microsoft will invest $40 million to enable nonprofits, researchers, and organizations working across these health-related areas:

  • Quest for discovery: Accelerating medical research to advance the prevention, diagnoses, and treatment of diseases.
  • Global health insights: Increasing our shared understanding of health and longevity to protect against global health crises.
  • Health equity: Reducing health inequity and improving access to care for underserved populations.
  • Research capabilities: Supporting fundamental research capabilities, including data collaboratives and differential privacy.

Technology has an important role in advancing research and improving access to healthcare in under-developed nations. I think Microsoft has a unique opportunity with its technology in solving pressing health issues.

“The AI for Health program will operate via collaborations that leverage our best AI tools and technical expertise from Microsoft to further quests for medical discovery, uncover global health insights and increase health equity across underserved populations,” wrote John Kahan, Chief Data Analytics Officer at Microsoft.

Source: Microsoft