Microsoft isn’t changing Xbox’s revenue split for now


3, 2021

According to recent documents released as part of the ongoing Epic Games vs Apple case, Microsoft had plans to reduce their revenue cut across Xbox as well as PC.

The original document from January, which is still redacted in part to stop us from knowing all the juicy details, contains the principles and policies of the Microsoft Store, as well as including a slide about the store’s revenue split.

The documents slide details how the 70/30 revenue split was planned to change sometime later in the year, with the document stating “all games will move to 88 / 12 in CY21.” 

Unlike the recently announced change to just PC revenue split, which is set to come in effect on August 1st, this original plan was set to encompass both PC and Xbox revenue splits, however, plans have since changed. 

In a comment received by The Verge, a Microsoft spokesperson said that “we have no plans to change the revenue share for console games at this time,” with another spokesperson later reiterating “we will not be updating the revenue split for console publishers.”

When asked, the spokesperson refused to answer whether this document was inaccurate, or if plans changed instead.

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