Microsoft Is Now In A Challenger Mindset, Admits That It Just Has 14% Share Of Total Devices

Windows Challenger 1

At Worldwide Partner Conference held today, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner made some bold statements regarding Microsoft. First of all, he said that Microsoft is aware of the fact that they own only 14% of the total devices shipped. But, it also represents a big opportunity for Microsoft. To grab that opportunity, a new mindset is required and he revealed that Microsoft has the Challenger mind set now.

“and this 14% presents a great opportunity for us to embrace that. And in this new world of 14% share, we have to have a new mindset. Because when you’re in a 90+ percent share world, you have a ‘protect and preserve’ mindset. When you have a 14% share, you have to have a ‘challenger’ mindset.”

Windows Challenger 2Kevin also said that Microsoft will be a great challenger driven by disruption, differentiation and speed. Even if Microsoft fails, he said Microsoft need to fail fast, learn and fix the issues and keep moving.

Looks like Microsoft is well aware of the market disruption and making all the plans to make a come back in the industry.