Windows 10 v1803  will reach the end of support on November 12, 2019. Since there’s just a month left, Microsoft has started poking users, reminding them to upgrade to a newer feature update.

According to a user on Reddit (via Techdows), Windows 10 Update page now shows an advisory “you’re currently running a version of Windows that’s nearing the end of support”. The advisory also suggests the user to upgrade to the latest Windows 10 feature update. You can head below to check the End of Life chart shared by Microsoft. This chart will help you keep your devices updated before the End of Life. Once a version of Windows 10 reaches End of Life, Microsoft will stop servicing it which means no patches or security updates.

Unfortunately, Windows 10 v1903, while out, is not perfect and users have been reporting various issues. If you’re scared of moving to v1903, we suggest you upgrade from Windows 10 v1803 to v1809 as soon as possible. The End of Life for v1809 is May 12, 2020, which will give you a decent amount of time before you will need to upgrade again. That said, we recommend users to say updated as Windows Updates usually patch vulnerabilities which might leave you and your data exposed.