Microsoft is aware of issue where players are allocated more gamerscore than possible, hotfix in tow


11, 2018

Image via TrueAchievements

It appears that a bug affecting a small subset of Xbox users has allocated more gamerscore than possible. According to TrueAchievements, which noticed the issue, there have been thousands of instances over the past few days where games would register an achievement more than once, effectively duplicating the score and adding more gamerscore over a game’s 1000 total, as seen in the image above.

Microsoft has since provided a statement to TrueAchievements saying that the company is aware of the issue and a hotfix is in tow that will address it.

“Microsoft is aware of an issue affecting Gamerscore for a small number of users on Xbox Live. As part of our investigation, we can confirm that no achievement data has been lost. We are releasing a fix shortly which will correct users’ Gamerscore to show the accurate total the next time they log into Xbox Live.”

It’s unknown the exact number of users affected, but TrueAchievements found that 6% of the over 140,000 they scanned were displaying incorrect gamerscores.

Via: Windows United

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