Microsoft is adding Variable Refresh Rate to their Edge browser for smoother scrolling and longer battery life

by Surur
January 8, 2022

We normally associate variable refresh rate with smartphones and even smartwatches, but Microsoft is now also bringing the technology to the desktop.

Windows is already able to ramp up the screen refresh rate when playing games, using the Variable Refresh Rate feature in Windows 10 and Dynamic Refresh Rate in Windows 11.

Now the Edge browser is adding support for the technology, allowing the browser to ramp up the refresh rate when scrolling and reduce it when you are reading an email or blog post, for example, resulting in smoother scrolling and longer battery life when you are just browsing.

Noticed by Leo Varela, the feature is being tested in the Edge Canary Browser, which is currently on version 99 under the “Boost screen refresh rate when scrolling” flag.

It does however require that your panel supports VRR and have an appropriate driver. The good news is that many newer laptops do support the feature already.

To see if your laptop supports VRR or DRR:

  1. Open Settings, then select System > Display > Advanced display.
  2. For Choose a refresh rate, select a refresh rate that has Dynamic in the name.

You can try it out in the latest Edge Canary browser now.

via DeskModder, Techdows

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