Microsoft introduces a new category of intelligent cameras for Teams Rooms

September 9, 2021
Microsoft Teams Rooms Intelligent Cameras

Microsoft Teams Rooms Intelligent Cameras

Microsoft today introduced a new category of intelligent cameras for Teams Rooms that will deliver meeting experiences where everyone feels seen and represented. These new intelligent cameras from Jabra, Neat, Poly, and Yealink will offer the following unique features.

  • AI-powered active speaker tracking, enabling in-room cameras to use audio, facial movements, and gestures to detect who in the room is speaking, zooming in for a closer perspective.
  • Multiple video streams that allow in-room participants to be placed in their own video pane. Instead of a single video stream where people are composed into a grid view, these cameras can show in-room participants through their own individual video feed. Also, these cameras can use a separate video stream to deliver a panoramic view of the room, so remote participants have full context of the space.
  • People recognition, which will identify and display the profile name of enrolled users within their video pane. People recognition settings can be adjusted in the Teams Admin Center and requires users to opt-in through a one-time, secure enrollment process.
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These new features will be available to camera OEMs in the coming months and rolled out as updates over the course of the next year.

Source: Microsoft

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