Microsoft Health and Microsoft Band 2 snag huge updates

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Fresh of the heels of BUILD 2016, Microsoft has just updated its Microsoft Health app for W10M, iOS, and Android. The update to the Health app allows you to connect with your friends who also have the Microsoft Health app installed on their devices and even compete with them in activities that range from steps taken, calories burned, furthest runs, biking distance, and floors climbed. The update also allows for the addition of more tiles to the fitness band, 20 to be exact. And with that you can finally pick and choose which apps you actually want to send notifications to your band, a welcome for those like myself tired of getting every single app notification, sometimes twice (maybe we can get a little Universal Dismiss action on the Bands as well Microsoft). Lastly the update allows users to view more text on the screens of their bands for notifications such as sms, email, and Facebook.

To pick up theer updates for your Band, make sure you have the Microsoft Health app installed and synced to your band. You can pick it up here:

Microsoft Band
Microsoft Band
Price: Free
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