Microsoft Garage’s SketchPal is a modern sketching app for Windows 10 devices


10, 2019

SketchPal is a new sketching app for Windows 10 devices from Microsoft Garage. It supports essential features like layers and custom brushes. It also comes with new features like coloring assist, stroke cleanup tools and a reference view.

SketchPal takes full advantage of Windows 10 Inking support and Surface hardware capabilities. It comes with support for low pen latency, tilt support, Dial integration, support for multiple screens and more.

SketchPal features:

  • Great sketching experience: Builds on top of the fast and fluid Windows Ink experience providing must-have features like layers
  • Live palette: Create your own brushes and tweak them even after inking.
  • Smart ink: Includes tools to clean your line art and help you color faster.
  • Cross device features: Use a second device as a remote palette, or continue drawing in other device.
  • Plays well with others: Seamlessly continue working on the drawing in your favorite art tool, or export it as a .psd file.
  • Use references: Use the dedicated view for keeping a reference picture, or even use your camera to get inspiration from the real world.

Download the app here from Microsoft Store.

via: @ALumia_Italia

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