Microsoft Garage’s News Pro app now available on Android, iOS app gets News Pro bot and more


28, 2016


Back in January this year, Microsoft Garage first released the News Pro app for iOS devices. News Pro allows you to extend the scope of your daily news updates by suggesting new topics to search based off your current interests and by helping you discover websites where you can read articles that are interesting to you. You can also search for news related to any topic right in the app so you can always be fully informed. This News Pro app is now available for Android devices.

News Pro 3.0 helps you search for hyper-relevant and in-depth news around your work and life every day.

  • Leverage the power of social networks for your daily news. You can sign-in with Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter to tailor your daily news highlights to your work experience and other interests.
  • Get informed efficiently by locating the most important and relevant articles each day based off what interests you. Get in-depth coverage for your business, product, skills, or any events that you care about.
  • Your personal news agent can keep up with interesting topics and stories with you all day long. The bot is also able to understand your picture and voice, and best of all, speak with you.
  • Share news and exchange your opinions with your own remarks. Try to be creative when you share them to your social networks.

News Pro iOS app also got a major update with News Pro bot and more. Find the change log below.

– UX Refreshment throughout and we hope you like it.
– In-depth coverage on trending topics and topics for you are now available in Highlight page.
– Highlight page now supports infinite scroll with extensive contents so that you never need to go anywhere else for reading news.
– You can now explicitly personalize your highlight page by clicking like/dislike/mute site on any articles.
– News Pro bot can now understand human speech and he can talk too. Please feel free to ask him some questions.
– News Pro bot has facial expression now. His smile might mean he has something new for you.
– We understand sharing is always about expressing yourself. With Annotate and Share, we make it easy for you to annotate any part of the article and share it in your social networks.

Download it here for Android and here for iOS devices.

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