Microsoft and Fujitsu expand their partnership to promote global communications platform

September 7, 2016

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Fujitsu Microsoft

Microsoft Japan and Fujitsu today announced that they are expanding their alliance to promote the implementation of a global communications platform. Fujitsu has implemented a private-cloud-based global communications platform centered on Microsoft products for its approximate 160,000 employees worldwide. Today, they are announcing that Fujitsu, with technical support from Microsoft Japan, is now working to migrate its global communications platform from a private cloud to a public cloud, and to make FUJITSU Digital Business Platform MetaArc, the core of Fujitsu’s cloud platform, compatible with Microsoft’s integrated collaboration cloud service, Office 365, and Azure Active Directory Premium, creating a multi-cloud environment.

Fujitsu said it will begin operations for all of its approximate 160,000 employees around the world in March of 2017. By using Office 365 in this initiative, Fujitsu said it will be able to use the latest communication system services, providing a work style that improves business efficiency and the ability to respond to changes for each business unit.

Fujitsu and Microsoft Japan are encouraging customers to implement this multi-cloud global communications platform, through such means as joint workshops, using the internal implementation at Fujitsu as a reference.

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