Microsoft releases Fluent UI Android controls for Surface Duo


20, 2020

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Microsoft yesterday announced the first release of Fluent UI Android controls for Surface Duo. Fluent UI is a collection of UX frameworks for creating beautiful, cross-platform apps that share code, design, and interaction behavior. As part of yesterday’s release, Microsoft has released the following nine updated Fluent UI controls that have been enhanced for dual-screen devices:

AppBarLayout Search input box does not extend under the hinge
BottomSheet Always appears on the right screen, and never under the hinge
CalendarView Can be spanned under hinge and day columns adjust
Drawer Drawer appears on a single screen
PeoplePickerView Persona chips will avoid being placed under the hinge
DateTimePicker Popups will not appear under the hinge
PopupMenu Menus will avoid appearing under the hinge
Snackbar The snackbar will only show on a single screen, and not appear spanned under the hinge
Tooltip Tooltips avoid appearing under the hinge

Source: Microsoft

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