Microsoft Flow updated with support for Custom APIs and three new services


Microsoft today highlighted the new features they have added this month to Microsoft Flow to improve the connectivity. First, they have added support for Custom APIs. Custom APIs can be used to create flows that talk to almost any HTTP endpoint that supports JSON. Custom APIs now support API Key authentication and it can now authenticate against any service that supports the full OAuth 2.0 specification.

Second, they have added support for three new services:

  • Basecamp 3 a tool that helps teams work together. It provides a dashboard to manage all messaging, document collaboration, scheduling and task management together in one place.
  • Blogger  a blog publishing service. It allows you to create websites and post to them on an ongoing basis.
  • PagerDuty – a help desk tool used to manage and dispatch service requests within support teams.

Third, they have improved the performance and made some changes to UI/UX. You can now update and repair your connections right from the “…” menu for every action. Finally, they have added a new step called Terminate that you can use to end a flow’s run.