Microsoft announces two new features in the free version of Teams

June 12, 2020

Along with the official announcement about the general availability of custom backgrounds feature, Microsoft today announced two new features in the free version of Teams. Read about them below.

Scheduled Meetings:

Animated image: a user scheduling a meeting in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams free version users can now schedule meetings. Previously, only ‘Meet Now’ option was available in free version of Teams.

Meeting organizer can either copy the meeting link for sending it directly to other participants or send an invite via Outlook or Google calendar. Microsoft is now rolling out this feature to current users. New users signing up for Microsoft Teams will be able to enjoy this feature soon. Unlike Zoom, there is no time limit on Meetings in the free version of Teams.

Live Captions:

Microsoft Teams

Teams free version users can now enable live captions during their calls and meetings. Teams can detect what’s said in a meeting and present real-time captions.

Live captions can make your meeting more inclusive to participants who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, people with different levels of language proficiency, and participants in loud places by giving them another way to follow along.

This feature is available only in U.S. English.

Microsoft today also highlighted the features that are now available in free version of Teams, check them out below.

The free version of Teams also provides all types of organizations up to 500,000 users with:

  • Unlimited chat and search
  • Audio and video calling
  • Scheduled meetings
  • 10 GB team file storage and 2 GB personal file storage per person
  • Ability to use the Office web apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote)
  • Unlimited app integration
  • And much more!

Source: Microsoft

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