Microsoft Excel gets Action Recorder to help you with repetitive tasks

January 5, 2023

Microsoft has announced a major new feature for Excel users on Windows and Mac. Excel for Windows and Mac is now equipped with a new Automate tab to help you with your repetitive tasks. With this new capability, you can automate repetitive worksheet tasks without needing any programming experience.

The new Automate tab was previously available for Excel web users, so many of you already know how it works. But if it sounds entirely new to you, in the Automate tab, you will find a new option called Record Actions, which helps you save the recorded actions into a script that you can run at any time on any workbook. However, the Action Recorder is in preview, so do not expect it to work flawlessly with all actions.

Microsoft warns that the new worksheet actions do not work with all actions now. However, the tech firm has said that it to add support to increase the number of recordable actions. It also encourages users to try recording actions as much as possible, and based on usage share, Microsoft will prioritize which actions to be brought first.

If you are running Excel on a Mac or a Windows PC, you need to check if you meet the prerequisites to check out the new Automate tab. You will need the following to automate your repetitive tasks.


Excel automate tab

Microsoft has also posted a video showing how the new Record Actions option works in the real world. The length of the video is a little over two minutes and covers everything you need to know before giving it a go.

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