Microsoft Edge web browser gets vertical tabs, improved history experience, Startup boost and more

March 4, 2021
Microsoft Edge sleeping tabs

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Microsoft Edge sleeping tabs

Microsoft today announced three new features coming to Microsoft Edge web browser this month. Startup boost is a new feature that will significantly reduce the time it takes to open the browser after a PC restart or reopening the browser. Microsoft will roll out this feature this month. As per initial tests, Microsoft claims that startup times improve from 29% – 41% percent with this feature. Startup boost will be automatically enabled this month and you can disable it in Settings.

This month, Microsoft is bringing a more efficient way to quickly access and manage your history without losing context of the page you’re on. When you open history, it will open as a lightweight dropdown from the toolbar instead of opening the full page view in settings.

Microsoft today announced that vertical tabs feature is now generally available this month. With this feature, you can view and manage tabs from a pane on the side with a single click. To use vertical tabs feature, click on the vertical tabs icon in the upper left corner of your browser frame.

Source: Microsoft

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