Microsoft Edge Canary in Windows 10 updated with video autoplay blocker

by Surur
July 5, 2019

Microsoft has pushed an update to its new browser, Microsoft Edge. The browser in the Canary distribution channel is currently receiving a new update, which takes the browser to version

The update brings the long expected blocker for auto-play videos found on some websites.

The feature is activated by the edge-limit-autoplay flag, which according to Microsoft “algorithmically limits certain websites from playing media automatically.

Disappointingly Microsoft says the feature will not affect “most popular websites” who are often the worse offenders.

Microsoft has however also said a per-site blocking feature was coming, which should address the remaining websites.

To enable the feature, enter Edge://flags and search for Limit Media Autoplay.

Does this feature work for your most difficult websites? Let us know below.

Thanks, Leo Varel for the tip.

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