Microsoft to discontinue Azure Kinect Developer Kit later this year

August 17, 2023
Microsoft Azure Kinect 1

Back in 2019, Microsoft first revealed Azure Kinect, a connected depth camera that allowed enterprises to build AI vision solutions. The Azure Kinect came with the best-in-class depth sensor, high definition 4K camera and a microphone array (7 mics). Today, Microsoft announced that Azure Kinect will be discontinued later this year.

If you are already using Azure Kinect Developer Kit, you can continue to use it without any disruption. Also, the Azure Kinect Developer Kit SDK will continue to be available for download. However, you will be able to purchase new devices from Microsoft only until the end of October 2023 or until supplies last. Also, it will have the standard limited hardware warranty. For a long-term solution, Microsoft recommends developers to explore the offerings from its partners.

Even though Microsoft will stop the production of Azure Kinect this year, Microsoft has licensed the indirect time-of-flight (iToF) depth sensing technology behind Azure Kinect with several hardware partners. So, devices similar to Azure Kinect will be available from partners. Please find the partner details below.

  1. Microsoft has licensed its pixel and sensor technology to Analog Devices. Analog Devices has since brought two depth sensors, a depth camera module, and custom low-power Depth ISP (Image Signal Processor) to process raw sensor data to generate depth maps to the market.
  2. Microsoft has partnered with SICK A.G., a global manufacturer of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications, in their effort to build depth cameras, like the Visionary-T Mini, and the world’s first 3D time-of-flight safety camera, the safeVisionary2, using Microsoft’s technology.
  3. Microsoft worked with Orbbec to use iToF depth tech in their 3D depth cameras for manufacturing. Orbbec has launched the Femto Mega camera based on iToF. Also, Orbbec’s camera offerings use the same depth camera module as Azure Kinect Developer Kit. Developers can even migrate their existing Azure Kinect Developer Kit-based apps using the API bridge provided as part of their SDK.

You can order Azure Kinect Developer Kit here before it goes out of stock.

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