Microsoft demos Microsoft Teams for Life (video)

by Surur
July 2, 2020
microsoft teams for life

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Microsoft recently announced several new preview features in Teams that will help users in their personal life. You can now sign in with your personal email in Teams. Once signed-in, you can create groups to chat and call, to stay connected with your family and friends.

Today the company published a video demonstrating the app in action, which can be seen below:

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Teams for personal use offers the following features.

  • Location sharing: Teams location sharing will make it easy to share your location and find your friends for that park picnic—or in the crowd at a concert.
  • Teams comes with a Safe, which lets you securely store and share important information, like passwords, rewards numbers, or login information.
  • Shared Group Calendar, which any member can edit.
  • Tasks: The ability to create, coordinate and assign tasks.
  • Group video calls.
  • Innovative group file collection.

The features are flawlessly integrated in the app, with the main question really being how you would get your friends and family on the service in the first instance.

If the app appeals to you, here’s how you can try out the new features today:

  • If you currently use the Teams mobile app at work, simply click into settings, and select Add an account. You can then sign in with your personal Microsoft account, or create a new one with your phone number. Through settings, you will then be able to toggle between your personal and work accounts.
  • If you don’t use Teams yet, visit the app store on your iOS or Android to download the mobile app and sign up with a personal Microsoft account, or create a new one with your phone number.

These new preview features will be available over the coming weeks. General availability of these new features is expected later this year.

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