Microsoft dashes last hope for Windows 10 Mobile fans

by Surur
December 7, 2017

We reported a week ago on Microsoft responding rather carelessly to a request to bring Android apps to Windows 10 Mobile, to make up for the efflux of apps from the store.

At the time the response from the Microsoft engineer was completely off the point and appeared to suggest they had not actually read the question.

The response was eventually updated to say:

Thanks for your interest in Project Astoria, we have no updates at this time.

That rather more generic reply appeared to hold out some hope that updates will arrive in the future, but Microsoft engineer and Senior Program Manager Brandon LeBlanc was a bit more blunt today in answering the question.

The news is of course not unexpected, with Microsoft very clearly saying they do not expect to add any more features to Windows 10 Mobile unless businesses demand it.

I do feel however the time has come to implement Android apps on Windows 10, especially when running on ARM.  Microsoft adopting Google’s Progressive Web App strategy is a step in the right direction, but most likely will do little to fill the actual app gap.  There are literally millions of apps that are available in Android and not Windows 10 and where the app experience is better than a website.

Either way, at least Windows 10 Mobile users can now put the issue to rest for once and for all.

Via WindowsLatest

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