Microsoft creating a Massive Mixed Reality Multi-Player Online game for Xbox and PC


12, 2017

A job post has revealed that Microsoft is working on their own Mixed Reality game for the PC and Xbox.

The title will presumably support their new range of Mixed Reality headsets from the likes of Acer and HP, and according to the job post will be a large multi-player game which we assume will support cross-platform play.

The job post, for a senior design manager, reads:

Do you love MMOs? Are you excited about Virtual Reality? Would you like every Xbox user to experience your design every time they use it? We are embarking on a bold charter and need your help us take the next step. The Xbox Mixed Reality team is looking for an experienced senior design manager with deep expertise and passion around crafting immersive social systems and experiences. We’re looking to build a massively social gaming and entertainment experience for both the PC and the console. Here is an opportunity to join a fun and collaborative team that experiments with the latest toys, works with state of the art tech, and crafts the future of entertainment.

If it is a game it would we should presumably not expect it to arrive anytime soon, but it is clear Microsoft is being somewhat ambitious regarding this new technology on their platforms.

The job post can be seen here.

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