Microsoft has brought intelligent task suggestions in My Day on Microsoft To Do’s web application.

Designed to make your daily planning experience better, the feature uses AI to identify tasks that seem important, suggesting them based on keywords. These suggestions also include tasks that have deadlines and tasks you starred.

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How it works

The web app now features a new section called Tasks that seem important.

The feature will show up to seven tasks Microsoft identify as most relevant in this section. It’ll update as you add new tasks or edit existing ones. Your urgent tasks, like ones due today or tomorrow or the ones that are overdue, will show up here. All other tasks with due dates will continue to show up in the Later and Earlier sections of the suggestions pane.

If a suggestion isn’t relevant to you, just select more options > This isn’t relevant to me.

Tasks assigned to you in Microsoft Planner show up in To Do’s Assigned to you list, but these tasks currently aren’t suggested in the Tasks that seem important section.


The feature is currently available on the To Do web application, which of course syncs with the app and already hosts all your content, but only for To Do in English.

A well-formed daily plan can do wonders to boost your productivity and help you end each day on a high note. Try the feature at the Microsoft To Do web application now and select the My Day list.

via OnMSFT