Microsoft claims breakthrough in quantum computing


27, 2021

Microsoft Quantum

Microsoft today announced that a team of Microsoft and University of Sydney researchers has developed forward-thinking hardware systems for quantum computers. This team has developed a cryogenic quantum control platform that uses specialized CMOS circuits to take digital inputs and generate many parallel qubit control signals.

The chip that powers this control platform is called Gooseberry. This team has also created the first-of-its-kind general-purpose cryo-compute core. This core does the classical computations needed to determine the instructions that are sent to Gooseberry which, in turn, feeds voltage pulses to the qubits.

Chetan Nayak from Microsoft Research team wrote the following about this work:

There’s no doubt that both Gooseberry and the cryo-compute core represent big steps forward for quantum computing, and having these concepts peer-reviewed and validated by other scientists is another leap ahead. But there are still many more leaps needed by researchers before a meaningful quantum computer can be realized. This is one of the reasons Microsoft has chosen to focus on the long game. While it might be nice to ramp up one aspect of quantum computers—such as the number of qubits—there are many concepts to be developed beyond the fundamental building blocks of quantum computers, and researchers at Microsoft Quantum and the University of Sydney aren’t stopping with these results.

You can learn more about this project from the source link below.

Source: Microsoft

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