Microsoft Bing will remember conversations taking place in Edge Sidebar

July 10, 2023

With the arrival of OpenAI’s GPT LLM, Microsoft has managed to stir up trouble for Google with the new Bing with GPT technology. From allowing users to sign up for using the chatbot to making its way to other services like Skype and Microsoft Edge, Bing Chat has come a long way. While Bing Chat is available in many other Microsoft services, all the features are unavailable for all the platforms.

If you are using Bing Chat in Microsoft Edge, all the conversations in the Edge Sidebar will not be remembered by Bing. On the contrary, if you use Bing Chat via in Edge, it will remember all your conversations with it. It is a useful capability as it helps users to jump into a conversation later and learn additional information about that topic. Microsoft is working towards fixing that disparity.

Mikhail Parakhin, CEO, Advertising & Web Services at Microsoft, confirmed on Twitter that the company was working on adding the ability to allow Bing on Edge Sidebar to remember conversations. A Twitter user suggested to Mikhail Parakhin that it’d be great if Bing on Edge Sidebar managed to remember conversations. Parakhin replied to that tweet by saying, “Yes, coming.” However, he didn’t reveal when it’d launched.

When available for users, all the conversations taking place on the Bing Chat in Edge Sidebar will be visible in the Recent activity section on the Bing Chat page. This way, users can resume conversations in the Edge Sidebar via Bing Chat. To bring feature parity across all its platforms, Microsoft needs to bring this same capability to Bing for Skype and other platforms as well.

To access Bing Chat with GPT4 technology, you will need to have a Microsoft account and the Edge browser. The software giant announces new features almost every month and improves the overall user experience in the chatbot.

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