Microsoft Bing Maps adds over 300,000 Square Kilometers of new imagery in Switzerland and Italy


15, 2017

Microsoft Bing Maps team today announced the availability of new imagery in Italy and Switzerland. This latest imagery update includes 297,000 square kilometers in Italy and 38,000 square kilometers in Switzerland. Microsoft also highlighted the below locations in Italy and Switzerland that are updated as part of this release.

  • Palmanova, located in northeastern Italy, is a concentric city in the shape of a star. It is an example of the star fortĀ from the renaissance period, and was built with military and societal considerations incorporated into its plans.
  • The city of Bern, referred to as the federal city, is the fourth most populous city in Switzerland. Also, the historic Old Town was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.

You can explore more places like the above here.

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