Microsoft Arc Mouse and Modern Mouse now available for order

The new Microsoft Arc Mouse is the next generation of Microsoft’s best-selling Arc Touch Mouse and it features numerous refinements, including the ability to scroll both vertically and horizontally. The design of Microsoft Arc Mouse is optimized for the comfortable, natural interaction. It snaps flat and slips easily into pocket or bag and connects wirelessly via Bluetooth. You can order Microsoft Arc Mouse here from Microsoft Store for $79.99.

You can get the same mouse with “Surface Arc Mouse” branding in different colours including Cobalt Blue, Light Gray and Burgundy to match with the colours offered by the Surface Laptop. You can order Surface Arc Mouse here from Microsoft Store for $79.99.

Unlike Arc Mouse, the new Microsoft Modern Mouse is a simple mouse with regular design and soft silver finish. The metal scroll wheel feels solid under your finger, and the shape of the body fits perfectly in your hand. It is precisely constructed sound for clicks and scrolling. You can order Microsoft Modern Mouse here from Microsoft Store for $49.99.

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