Microsoft announces public preview of the Azure AD admin experience in the new Azure portal


Microsoft today announced the public preview of the Azure AD admin experience in the new Azure portal. In the first phase of moving the management experience for all Azure services from the ‘classic’ portal at to the new portal at, they have moved all the core Azure AD experiences. In phase two, they will be making refinements to the experience and adding new capabilities. Based on the following four key principles, they have redesigned the experience,

  • Simple, streamlined experiences. Our new experience is easier to learn and simpler to use. This lets you quickly deliver value for your organization. The key to this principle is a set of streamlined flows for completing routine management tasks.
  • Insight through data. You told us that you wanted greater visibility into what’s going on in your environment. In our new experience, you will see contextually-relevant data everywhere you look enabling you to make great decisions quickly.
  • Visibility for high-priority issues. To manage “at scale” in a large organization, you asked for better visibility into the important issues that need your attention. Our new experience will make it easier for you to find and fix problems in your environment, and to prevent future problems.
  • Alignment with other services. You asked us to align the management experiences for Azure AD with other Microsoft services that you use. Our new management experience will be strongly aligned with the other Microsoft services you use like Office 365, Azure and Intune.

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