Microsoft Announces Nokia Treasure Tag And Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker MD-12 Accessories In India



Along with the launch of Nokia Lumia 630 variants, Nokia India also announced the launch of Nokia Treasure Tag accessory and the Nokia wireless speaker MD-12 for Indian consumers.

Nokia Treasure Tag:

Attach the The Nokia Treasure Tag onto your important possessions, and it will notify you when you are about to leave them behind. Nokia Treasure Tag NFC accessory is priced at Rs 2,100 and is expected to hit the retail stores towards the end of this month.

Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker MD-12

With NFC included, just tap your NFC-enabled phone to this little speaker and you’re all set. Or use Bluetooth and stream your tunes wirelessly with a guaranteed 15 hours of music play on the rechargeable battery. It will be available in yellow, green, orange and white colors. This speaker is priced at Rs 5,499 and expected to hit the retail stores in mid-June.

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