Microsoft announces first carriers to support eSIM Store plans on Windows 10 ACPCs

Microsoft believes the future of computing is Always Connected PCs with eSIMs which would allow users to connect to wide area carrier networks as easily as they can connect to WIFI, easily purchasing service via the Microsoft Store.

This would be via the Mobile Plans app in Windows 10 which will allow users to set up and manage a cellular data plan.

The Mobile Plans app in Windows 10 helps you set up and manage a cellular data plan with a supported mobile operator, so you can get online using an embedded SIM (eSIM) in your PC.

With the Mobile Plans app you can quickly connect your Windows device to mobile operators worldwide.

This will, however, need to be supported by carriers, and today Microsoft announced a very short list of carriers ready and available to support the app. The list includes:

 KDDI (Japan), Swisscom (Switzerland), and Tele2 (Sweden).

Microsoft, however, expects this list to expand in the near future and urges users to keep an eye on the page for new additions.

Do our readers see themselves buying an ACPC instead of simply tethering? Let us know below.

Price: Free

Source: Microsoft, via Tero Ahonen

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