Microsoft announces general availability of Edge for Enterprise at Ignite 2019

by Anmol
November 4, 2019

At Ignite 2019, Microsoft has announced the general availability of Chromium-based Edge for Enterprise customers. The company has been working on the Chromium-based Edge browser since December of last year.

Chromium-based Edge for Enterprise is based on the browser that Microsoft has been testing but is optimized for Enterprise users. For instance, the browser will have tracking protection enabled by default. Tracking protection will allow users to know who has access to their data. Microsoft Edge will also have Collections enabled by default so users can organize and share their web researches with others in the organization. For IT Professionals, Microsoft has also announced the following features at Ignite 2019:

  • The expansion of the Microsoft FastTrack deployment program to deploy the new Microsoft
    Edge in Q1 2020.
  • The expansion of the App Assure program to cover Microsoft Edge in Q1 2020. If your site
    works in Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome, or the current version of Microsoft Edge, then it
    just works in the new version of Microsoft Edge. And if it doesn’t work, we’ll help you fix it at no
    additional cost. We’re the only company that can make that guarantee.
  • A new security baseline for the new Microsoft Edge. Security baselines are pre-configured
    groups of security settings and default values that are recommended by the relevant security
    teams. Microsoft Edge has its first security baseline now in preview, making it fast and easy for
    IT professionals to have a recommended starting point for security and compliance policies.
    These announcements build on top of a comprehensive Microsoft approach to control and
    security on Microsoft Edge, which utilizes core security architecture that IT professionals are
    already using and are familiar with.

Today marks an important milestone as we head to the formal launch of Microsoft Edge and Bing for our
commercial customers in January. As we enter the new year, we are excited to share more about how
we will expand opportunities for developers, and later in the Spring even more for consumers. It’s time
to expect more from the web!

– Microsoft

Microsoft has made the offline package of Edge beta available for all the Enterprise customers. The company has also shared Microsoft Docs link for IT Professionals who wish to deploy the browser in their organization. Microsoft Edge for Enterprise will be available starting from January 15, 2020. Microsoft, however, noted that the date isn’t final and might change.

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