Microsoft and other tech companies donate tens of millions to help Seattle’s homeless

June 12, 2019

Microsoft, Amazon and other Seattle based tech companies have announced donations towards a program which aims to build hundreds of homes for the homeless in Seattle according to a report from the Seattle Times. Microsoft donated $5 million, an amount matched by Amazon. Cumulatively, the gifts total $48.8 million and are aimed at constructing eight buildings meant to house the chronically homeless. These are usually vulnerable people who suffer from disabilities, mental illness and substance addiction.

All the donated amounts will go to Plymouth Housing, a non-profit developer for supportive and affordable housing.

“Homelessness and affordable housing are real concerns in Seattle and the Washington, D.C., region,” said Jay Carney, senior vice president of global corporate affairs at Amazon on Tuesday, “As neighbours in both, we made these donations to Plymouth Housing and the Arlington Community Foundation because of their work and progress on housing stability and helping families improve their quality of life.”

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