Microsoft and National Australia Bank brings Windows Hello to ATMs

by Surur
October 23, 2018

Microsoft and the National Australia Bank (NAB) have demonstrated an automatic teller machine (ATM) which uses facial recognition to decide whether to deliver your money or not.

The ATM would use Azure Cognitive Services to recognize users who will still, however, need a PIN to complete the deal.

“Cloud technology allows us to take advantage of features and capabilities that are world-leading and enable us to deliver at pace for our customers,” said NAB chief technology and operations officer Patrick Wright.

“We believe AI will profoundly impact financial services and the sorts of solutions that banks will be able to deliver in the future. For a consumer-facing application such as the AI-powered ATM we’ve developed with NAB, this sort of continuous AI innovation is important,” said Microsoft’s Steven Worrall.

The ATMs are just a proof of concept at the minute, but Wright notes “It’s a look into what the future might hold for the way our customers access banking products and services.”

The special ATM is currently on display at the Swift International Banking Operations Seminar at the ICC in Sydney.

Via CIO Australia

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