Microsoft adds new policy management features for Azure VM backup in Recovery Services vault

September 9, 2016


Recovery Services vault is an Azure Resource Manager resource for managing your backup and disaster recovery needs natively in the cloud. Recovery Services vault is a unified vault in the new Azure portal, a replacement for Backup vault and Site Recovery vault. Microsoft yesterday announced new features for managing backup policies and model them to meet their changing requirements from a single window, making Azure Backup an enterprise-level backup solution for Azure virtual machines.

Azure Backup now comes with the following features,

  • Ability to view all backup policies in a Recovery Services vault from a single window
  • Ability to add a new policy from policy list view
  • Ability to edit a backup policy to match modified backup schedule and retention requirements – once a backup policy is updated, changes are pushed automatically to all virtual machines configured with the policy
  • Ability to add items to a backup policy – add more virtual machines to an existing backup policy in a single click
  • Get a view of virtual machines protected with a policy
  • Delete a backup policy which is no longer in use

Read more about it here.

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