The best thing about Progressive Web Apps is that they are safer as they do not integrate deeply with the operating system.

Microsoft is however determined to embrace and extend the platform, and has submitted a new commit to Chromium Gerrit that will allow users to use the native Windows 10 Control Panel to uninstall PWA apps.

“The change allows installed Web Apps on Windows to be uninstalled from the ‘Uninstall or change a program’ Control Panel,” the commit notes.

Before the change users needed to use the menu bar in the PWA itself to uninstall the app.

Now a registry entry for the app is being created and the PWA can be uninstalled just like any regular app.

“Upon the shortcut creation operation, we add an ‘Uninstall Registry’ entry in the Windows registry. The registry entry is well known and the system reads the entries to populate the Add Remove Programs.”

The feature is already live in the latest version of Edge (Chromium) and Microsoft hopes it will be available for all Chromium-based browsers in the future.

Via WindowsLatest