If you have pre-ordered the Cybertruck but can’t want till the end of 2021 before deliveries start, you can now pre-order another geometric EV that will ship much sooner, and cost considerably less.

Mattel appears to have scored a license to make a Cybertruck toy, and are currently offering pre-orders for the Cybertruck in 2 sizes – 1:10 scale and 1:64 scale.

The 1:10 scale truck is $400 and features:

  • Functioning headlights and taillights to maintain visibility
  • All-wheel drive featuring Chill or Sport modes
  • Tonneau “Vault” cover
  • Telescopic tailgate that folds out into loading ramp
  • Removeable plastic body to reveal interior and access internal battery and drivetrain system
  • Reusable cracked window vinyl sticker
  • 9.9V, 3300mAh, rechargeable battery, 1:1 charge/run time

The 1:64 model is only $20 and offers:

  • The 3-inch, radio-control Cybertruck combines the modern Tesla design with the iconic Hot Wheels® size.
  • Race on Hot Wheels® track – on a horizontal track race or take it vertical on a classic Hot Wheels® track loop. I mean, we’re Hot Wheels®, after all.
  • Key features include two-wheel drive with both Chill or Sport speed to reach up to 500mph scale speed and recharging from controller.

Se the toys demoed below:

Stocks are limited, so put in your pre-order at Mattel here now.