Massive Windows Mobile 7 leak: Two versions, 720P screens, 1.3 Ghz processors

WMExperts claim to have an inside line to Windows Mobile 7 development, and have dropped some massive bomb shells, which we will deal with in multiple posts.

The first is that there will be two versions of Windows Mobile 7 – a business and media version. The Media version will feature "Microsoft Zune Phone Experience" and the Business version is meant to be the base version skinned by OEM’s like HTC.

The business version will feature the ability to access live data on your PC and in the cloud, and do this collaboratively.You can even take a photo on your phone and embed it to the document directly.

Office Mobile is meant to be a completely new and impressive experience.

The Business version is said to be coming as an upgrade to the HD2 in October or November this year.

WMExperts claim the minimum resolution for Windows Mobile 7 (only called 7) will be WVGA, with resolution topping out at 720 p

The Business version is said to look like:

Think TouchFLO (slider tabs) meeting up with a stock SPB Shell (lots of information on multiple screen) mixed with a very well integrated message and app launcher — almost a ‘fun’ BlackBerry interface. Seems like the stock shell is more like a really good BB theme than iPhone or Android.

Media edition will feature HD video, a Zune-like music player, and streaming media.

Media edition will support:

    • Silverlight

    • Mediaroom

    • XBox Live (possibly gameplay)

    • Facebook and Twitter interfaces (similar to Xbox), possible right on the home screen.

    • Zune Music integration

      This version is still adding features and is expected to arrive only next year.

      The new OS will feature “Orion” cloud-based assisted GPS that supports multiple-tower signal detection and trilateration (think Google’s My Location service in Google Maps), IP resolving and also WIFI location.

      Planned performance for an initial lock (cold start) is targeted at  less than 1 second and would find you within 300 meters. A hot or warm start is targeted at less than 0.25 seconds and would track you at less than 10 meters.

      It is expected only bits and pieces of both OS’s will be shown at Mobile World Congress, but more of the more complete Business Edition that Media edition.

      Read more at WMExperts here.